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Help Me Help the Home Base Program

In just a few short months I'll need to complete my fundraising for the Home Base Program, which helps post-9/11 veterans & their families heal from the invisible wounds of war, while I continue to train for the New York City marathon. But I need your help.

Running the NYC Marathon

After completing my first two marathons, one in Western Massachusetts and another in Buffalo, I was lucky enough to run in last year's TCS New York City Marathon. It was an amazing experience, though a difficult one considering my limited training after bringing our son into the world less than 6 months earlier. Both my pace and my finish time were disappointing, but I was happy to cross the finish line.

Jenna Marino at the 2014 NYC Marathon

Posing with my medal from the 2014 NYC Marathon

After registering once again for the NYC Marathon this year and training hard, I hit another setback. Due to an injury that limits my running distance, I've had to defer my 2015 entry to the marathon until the following year, but I must finish raising money this year.

Raising the Bar

Last year I raised $1,500 for the Home Base Program, a worthy cause from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Red Sox Foundation that helps our veterans & their families adjust to life after returning home. I'm proud to help such a fantastic organization and support our American troops.

Now they need your support.

With just a few days until the NYC Marathon, I'm close to my goal of raising $1,500 once again. And then, just a few weeks ago, I was thrown another curveball: I'm required to raise $3,000 and not the $1,500 from previous years.

Friends, family, people of the Internet: I need a hand. Please help me hit my $3,000 goal before the end of this year, otherwise I may not be able to run the NYC Marathon in 2016. Any amount helps not just me, but also our troops returning home.

Donate to the Home Base Program

Please, take a second and donate to a worthy cause on my behalf. Any amount would be greatly appreciated by both myself and those assisted by the Home Base Program. Thank you, Internet friends.

Donate to Home Base Now

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